Olumide Soyemi

Olumide Soyemi is a pharmacist by profession and works at the pharmacy department of the National Othopaedic Hospital, Igbobi at Yaba, Lagos. He has a flair for creative writing with a bias for the poetry and prose genres of literature. Some of his poems had been published in The Sun, The National Life Newspapers as well as in the … More Olumide Soyemi

Akinniyi Akeem

Akinniyi Akeem works as a Copywriter. He has had some of his poems published in anthologies(If Yu Hie Say I Dey Prizin- poems in Pidgin English) and literary e-zines like Saraba Magazine. Also participated in the 1st-ever Nigeria-Korea Poetry Festival

Ohwode ‘keon’ Noyere

Ohwode ‘keon’ Noyere is a triple qualified Nurse from the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State. He works with the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara. Delta State. He has been a disciple of poetry right from his secondary school days and appreciates it’s corresponding tranquillity.

Adeyombo Adedayo

  Adeyombo Adedayo is currently undertaking a degree at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He explores poetry as a means of expression that never fails. He is also the current serving President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students, O.A.U., Ile-Ife.

Bode Asiyanbi

Born in Oshogbo, Western Nigeria, Bode Asiyanbi was educated at the Obafemi Awololwo University, Ile-Ife and Lancaster University where he holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing. He is a two-time winner of the BBC African Performance Playwriting Prize (2005 and 2011). He has also won prizes for his poetry and short stories. He worked … More Bode Asiyanbi