Movement Around the Unicorn- Sola Osofisan

Kokomma, I fan your flame in the morning time. Prayer propped reverently at the altar of all dawning deities, breathless, I call your name. Kokomma The name… -like tendrils of adventurous smoke- snakes into the haunted premises of my steeled resolve. East…I hurl your name. West…I speak your fame. North, South… old-fashioned girl-woman, diamond dust … More Movement Around the Unicorn- Sola Osofisan

HAIR- Adura Ojo

My mother breathes into hair patterns I know we’ve been here before the journey is long she calls water to read our palms from towns we inhale fog kind to our soil& fingers fortunate— of dew excitement wells fifty towns & climbing our journey is long/ fog my mother turns into hair   Adura Ojo