About Us

Organised by Adebayo Lamikanra, a Professor of Pharmaceutics at the Obafemi Awolowo in 1998, the Ife Poetry Festival has, over time, featured hundreds of poets and other performing artists and has built up an impressive library of poems. The time has now come to showcase these poets and their poems hence this effort to reach a wide audience through this powerful medium. The Ife Poetry Portal would be revisiting and featuring some of these works and the authors whose poems are published on this platform can reach us for due credits in our “Our Poets” section at ifepoetryportal@gmail.com or on any
of our social media platforms (@ifepoetryportal on Twitter and Instagram and “Ife Poetry Portal” on Facebook).
Poets and artists who want their work featured on the portal should please send their poems as attachments to ifepoetryportal@gmail.com (Full name and brief bio should be included in the work).