“How Would You Love To Die?” Obafemi Shedrach

She walked up to me and said,
How would you LOVE to die?
I smiled and said,
In your heart filled with threads of hatred for me,
Where you harbor my flaws and imperfections,
They fuel your strength to confine me 6ft below,
You breathe life to them even when they wilt like the evening tide.
In your seducing eyes that see every dirt in me, that makes my heart bloom like the fresh autumn spring,
Right between your voice that heals and sweetly hurts me, there I want to be pierced.
In between your laps where you slaughtered so many hearts,
A sacristy that hosts scared bones of the great men in their calibers.
If that would be my last swim,
I’d love to die in the river of your hatred for me.
In the tresses of your hurtful romance that stings me beautifully like the rolls of Eyes,
There I want to be intoxicated and speak randomly of your superfluous beauty
I want to die remembering I fell in love with a girl that nursed the most beautiful hatred for me.
I lived dying to LOVE you

Obafemi Shedrach


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